Stumped on how to throw the perfect Labor Day get together?

Since Labor Day honors all working people, remember that this is your holiday as well.  Make this day of entertaining as effortless as possible so you can enjoy your company and your day.

This weekend is going to be Hot! Hot! Hot!  I would recommend stocking up on ice cold beer and perfectly chilled white wine.  Even the most sophisticated palette will enjoy white wine over red wine in 90+ degree weather.

Typically, hamburgers and hot dogs are a staple at any Labor Day BBQ, but this year how about marinating farm fresh chicken (Legs, Thighs, and Breasts) in your favorite marinade? Throw the chicken on the grill 1 hour before eating. Even the guest with limited culinary skills can turn chicken.  Make sure you have cold salads that can be made in advance i.e. Pasta Salad, Fruit Salad, Potato Salad, coleslaw etc.  This will appease the vegetarians that attend as well.  For health-conscious guests, cut Zucchini and Squash into strips.  Dip in olive oil and cook on the grill for 3 minutes on each side.

No guest will go home hungry and you’ve enjoyed your Holiday! Cheers to you and Happy Labor Day!