Rascal Flatts - Randi Events

We recently designed and planned the Rascal Flatts ‘Rewind’ Event in Hollywood and it was featured in All Access! Read more details about the event here!

I’ve been to a lot of album launches in my time, but never one like the Tuesday, May 13th event, which combined a sampling of Rascal Flatts’ bold and deeply textured 2014 vintage “Rewind” release with an equally stylish, finely-tuned Pino Noir, Pettit Verdot, and 11 other hard-to-pronounce wine selections. I mean, just the concept of pairing fine wine and great Country music seems fairly complex, with an underlying acidity.

Nevertheless, such was the case earlier this week while hearing Rascal Flatts’ ninth studio offering for the first time at a club called Avalon in Hollywood.
A fine wine – or in this case, 13 amazing Robert Hendry selections – is generally wasted on a Neanderthal like me. I’m more what you’d call “a beer guy.” Knowing what that implies — manly men collectively appreciating a beverage also referred to as brew — I’ve recently begun proclaiming myself a “Craft Beer” aficionado, an aspirational but so far hopeless attempt to up my game, culturally speaking.

Rascal Flatts, on the other hand, have no credibility issues, having compiled an impressive musical resume during the past 14 years on every measurable level: sales, chart position and touring. 2006 was an especially amazing, or should I say “freakin’ awesome,” year for the band, with Nielsen Soundscan figures listing them the year’s top-selling artists (five million physical sales) thanks to the “Me And My Gang” album, which yielded two #1 songs (“What Hurts The Most” and “My Wish”) and touring revenue listed at close to $50 million.

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