Ole CMA Viewing Party

Event Name: Ole CMA Viewing Party

Event Date: November 4, 2015

Venue: The Cordelle

Event Designer: Sarah Ann Miller

What better way to watch the 49th CMA Awards show than to be a guest at Ole’s Private Viewing Party at The Cordelle.  We threw a fabulous event for 150 of the most experienced industry professionals who focus on all the creative development of the music that won many awards this year. Keeping with the theme of their red, white and black logo we wanted to pull together what Sarah Ann referred to as “Swanky Industrial” meaning a mesh of Old Hollywood glamour meets Southern Gothic Revival.

The Cordelle was dressed in string lights and flower planks hanging over the guests as they wined and dined watching the CMA’s. The menu was one for the books! We wanted our guests to feel like they were eating at home, so we treated everyone with gourmet TV dinners, a biscuit bar and much more!   The lounge areas were styled to feel like you could curl up and watch TV from your own living room, complete with cozy vintage style black leather couches and chairs with plush, white fur rugs.  The most amazing part of the night was the “JumboTron” style show feed we projected on the wall, it felt like you were at the show!  With all these elements combined, this event was upbeat and fun, no one wanted to leave! Thanks, Ole and congrats to all the winners!