With all the crazy chaos that’s surrounding our world today, we wanted to take a minute, slow down and reflect on the things for which we are truly grateful. I sat down with our entire staff to find out what they’ll be celebrating this Thanksgiving.

Randi: “I’m thankful for our new Randi Events’ office we just purchased on Music Row and my dog Rudy’s clean teeth!”

Allen: “I’m thankful for a great caretaker (Randi) after my surgery and my brand new hip!”

Julia: “I’m thankful for my parents and wine”

Sarah: “I’m thankful for cuddle time with my kids and my husband’s cooking!”

Ellen: “I’m thankful for my family/friends and most all queso and honey mustard!”

Summer: “I’m thankful for my wonderful family, fabulous friends and Joe Walsh in all of his forms and Saint Anejo Margaritas!”

Grey: “I’m thankful that I work with a bunch of talented ladies and that I’ll be in 70 degree weather for the holiday!”

Alexa: “I’m thankful for being able to see all my friends and family this holiday season and especially thankful for the boy who just put a new sparkly ring on my finger!”

Natalie: “I’m thankful that I was raised in a small town with a big heart and champagne, definitely champagne!”

We are most thankful for our amazing clients and vendors and the business we’ve done with each of you this year! We couldn’t love you guys more. 🙂 From our table to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!