Event Name:  BMLG-CRS
Event Date:  Feb. 8, 2016
Event Designer:  Julia Page
Venue:  aVenue

Our team had a blast kicking off CRS 2016 week with Big Machine Label Group. Let us tell you why…

With a Mardi-Gras theme and performances by “A Thousand Horses,” “The Cadillac Three,” Drake White and Steven Tyler w/ “Loving Mary,” the energy at aVenue was contagious.

“A Thousand Horses” started off the night with a few songs, including their single “Smoke.” Followed by all of aVenue singing along to “All About the South” with “The Cadillac Three.” Drake White brought his energetic personality to stage with a few performances and Steven Tyler rocked our socks off bringing the night to a close.

“G Catering and Events” made aVenue feel like you were walking down Bourbon St. with beignets, andouille, red beans, and rice arancini.

Purple & green linen, with a gold overlay, covered the round, high tables and traditional colors filled the venue  – giving it the true Mardi Gras feel.

BMLG took over aVenue last night and we loved every minute of it!